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The site is generated from a git repo of org files. A git pre-push hook automatically publishes to html with emacs batch mode and then uploads the site to an s3 bucket.

Most of the pages are dynamically generated at publish time by embedding the example code in a babel block pointing to the current source at publish time. (I'm too lazy to update them as code changes otherwise).

at it's simplest it's done with:

#+begin_src sh :exports results :results output
  cat ~/repos/jellyade/docker/docker-minivpn/Dockerfile

this can be extended for example to generate the list of posts below with:

#+begin_src sh :exports results :results output raw
for f in $(ls -t -1 posts/)
  echo "* $(grep '^#+DATE:' posts/$f | awk '{print $2}') : [[file:posts/${f%%.org}.html][$(head -1 posts/$f | awk -F':' '{print $2}')]]"
done | sort -r

More than anything else the site was created just to find out how to do it and for fun.

css style is borrowed (somewhat altered) from the worg site.


aws bitbucket docker microserver monitoring openvpn provisioning razor solaris


2015-09-15 : Using Razor on Docker

2015-09-14 : Even Smaller Docker OpenVPN Container

2015-07-13 : Bitbucket Snippets

2015-04-15 : Minimal Docker OpenVPN Container

2014-08-29 : Amazon EC2 Power Management

2013-01-24 : Command-line HP Microserver DRAC Howto

2010-05-22 : Packaging zabbix-agent 1.8.1 for Solaris 10

test lab

hardware and general use

basic lab setup info


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